Sportstec’s values guide the quality of work, aspirations of the organisation, patterns of thought and conduct of individuals within the organisation, whilst creating an environment where the contributions of individual members are valued and their achievements celebrated.

Values play an important role in creating positive and lasting improvements to the working environment. They can help us decide how to act by reminding us of what’s most important and indicate the type of conduct required by employees, when carrying out the operations of the organisation, as well as what our clients can expect from the organisation.

Respect and dignity for all

Living the full expression of our freedom

We are a people centred organisation and will strive to act in the best interest of our colleagues, beneficiaries and partners at all times.


Knowing and doing the right thing for the right reasons

Integrity is a central aspect of our work behaviour. We are committed to accountability, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness and accuracy of our actions.


Being thought leaders, forging new pathways

We are strong and bold in our pursuit of new creative ideas that have the potential to change the lives of all those we work with. The expression of why we exist is best captured in our ability to explore, conceive, design and execute relevant responses within a constant changing environment.

Strategic partnerships

Strengthening and sustaining our development agenda through collaboration

We thrive on the increasing value of our partnerships where great ideas are shared and access to new resources, expertise and skills are facilitated. Listening to the voice of those we work with and working with others makes us stronger, more robust and relentless in providing sustainable interventions.