The Sportstec’s Homeground Initiative, has been established with the support and backing from UNICEF, and is now it’s own charity namely, the Sportstec Development Fund and is currently co-founded by Sportstec.

Our Community

The Sportstec Homeground programme aims to have a consistent hierarchical developmental focus in which education and personal development are prioritised and each element of the programme is based on formal age-specific curricula. Further, the sporting sessions are based on an approach called Sport to Life which regards sport as having the potential to teach young people important life lessons and skills.

The Sport to Life approach aims to reinforce other life skill elements of the programme and provides a unifying philosophy and vocabulary for the Sportstec Homeground programme.

Jungle gyms receiving a new facelift

The initiative has an outreach school component, a Learning Centre which provides both an Early Childhood Development Centre and a facility for after-school education and sport programmes for primary and high school learners. Importantly, the learning Centre provides a permanent community presence, focus and identity for the initiative.