South African Education Programme

Sportstec has conceptualised a youth leadership development strategy for the AASA WSC Education programme. This strategy aims to strengthen the capacity of learners to lead integrated and inclusive physical activities, organise inter-class competitions and raise awareness of key social issues negatively impacting teaching and learning within their schools as well as in their communities.

The youth leadership development approach aligns with the aim of the Department of Basic Education to improve the quality of education by mitigating key drivers of school-based violence, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and general vandalism.

Sportstec believe that regular and structured integrated physical activity aligned with life skill development is an essential component of value based and quality education and can have a vital role in fulfilling the aims of child friendly schools. It has also been suggested that integrated and inclusive physical activity contributes positively to improved academic performance and provide healthy alternatives to deviant behaviour under the right conditions.

Research suggests that positive youth experiences in schools also increase attendance and discipline thereby contributing to better education.

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